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    Rory Gallagher's Locus  
   3. 2   Ireland comes into existence in Shannon Bali in Donegal state. It is port coke in the south of Ireland that grew up.  
  <1954>   It shows interest for the first time in Tennessee Ernie Ford and Gai Mitchell's guitar sounds at five years old it.  
  <1955>   It comes to be interested in the rock'n'roll. Afterwards, it is familiar with music of the building Hailey and Hiz COMETS, Ronnie Donegan, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, and Chuck Berry, etc.  
  <1958>   The guitar (acoustic) is obtained for the first time at nine years old it. The Ronnie Donegan guitar textbook and the skiffle song book are bought, and all guitars are acquired by self-study. The tune remembered first was "It Tacs A Worid man. " of Donegan.  
  <1959>   The group of skiffle is made. It goes out to the club etc. , and it comes to perform in the presence of others.  
  <1961>   The Electric guitar is bought for the first time. It was the Rossetti solid7, and prices were 12 Gine.  
  <1964>   Suitably in surroundings though it tries to form my group after it graduates from the school. It joins show band/Fontana (Rename it to the impact back) in Ireland because there was no material of ..becoming it.. Hit. Skiffle, the rock'n'roll that was, and the country, and, and the western were performed to top 20 of the charts here, and it ..tour.. turned round Europe. Recently, the stage technique was acquired from the musical one. Moreover, he buys Storatocastar, and has sold Rossetti solid Sevn used till then 2 or 3 months having joined the group later. He is patronizing Storatocastar for a long time after this.  
  <1966>   The group will secede in two years and the group name ..formation (.. : my group. It was not. ) It flew to Humburg and it performed three times.
It returns to Ireland and it dissolves, and however, Rory forms the group newly adding the drummer and the bassist of top band/Acslz of coke at that time, and introduces himself as the taste. The taste went to perform to activity, Humburg, and London several times around around Ireland, especially Belfast.
Rory Gallagher(vo,mouth organ,g),
Eric Kitteringham(b),

Norman Damery(ds)
All selections written by Rory Gallagher Recorded in Belfast, Ireland, July. 1967.
Produced & Compiled by Melvyn Solomon
      (Released 1974.01, Japanese Version)
  <1968>   Member change after it acts too much for two years. It is Charlie Ma in the base.
John Wilson joining of former Zem to Ccraken and drum. The taste went out to London to work as a professional.
   5.     It is admitted in manager/Robert Stiggud of cream. 、It is marketed by the catchphrase of "The second cream".  
  11.26   It performs to the cream dissolution concert in royal Albert Hall as a second base building. In the opening building, Jesus and the third building were John Haizmanz Corashiam.  
  12.     Ireland performance. For Rory, it was an established custom to hold the concert in Belfast on the boxing day (December 26) every year.  
   9.27   '68 Club, Bluesville  
  11.22   Marquee, London (John Dummer)  
  11.26   Royal Albert Hall, London  
      with Cream, Jon Hiseman s Colosseum, Yes  
  12.13   Marquee, London (Spirit Of John Morgan)  
   4.     The first album 'Taste' sale. Cut single "Vaughan on Za long side Of time/same old story" is put on the market from the album simultaneously.
   5.31   It flies to Ireland for TV appearance.  
   7.12-   It the United States performs as an opening performance with the window shade face.
It was an opening buil, and, Delaney and Bonnie and friends were the second buil. the taste or free 8.22 in this tour.
  8.- 9.   Mexico performance of two weeks after the United States performs.  
  12.     Ireland performance.   
  12.31   It performs to television Peshal of the Netherlands of 30 minutes.  
   1.25   Polytechnic, Croydon  
      Supporting Pretty Things  
   2. 1   Marquee, London (Steamhammer)  
  3   Blues Club, Romford  
  8   Marquee, London (Groundhogs)  
  11   Speakeasy, London  
  15   Mothers, Birmingham  
  18   Klooks Kleek, London (Jody Grind)  
  22   Marquee, London (Pegasus)  
   3. 7   Marquee, London (Outsiders)  
  9   Farx Blues Club, Middlesex  (Union Blues)  
  16   Mothers, Birmingham  
      Supporting Family  
  21   Marquee, London (Wine)  
   4. 1   The Cherry Tree, Welwyn Garden  King's Hall, Romford  
  4   Marquee, London (Steamhammer)  
  19   Roundhouse, Dagenham  
  24   Locarno, Swindon (Earth)  
  5. 2   Marquee, London (Steamhammer)  
  3   Mothers, Birmingham (King Crimson)  
  6   Cherry Tree, Welwyn  
  7   Belgian TV  
  11   Epping, Groovesville  
  28   Marquee, London  
      Harrods, London  
  6.14   Town Hall, High Wycombe  
  22   Mothers, Birmingham (Blodwyn Pig)  
  24   Marquee, London (Pegasus)  
  30   king's Hall, Romford  
  7.4   Marquee, London (Groundhogs)  
  8   Cherry Tree, Welwyn  
  9.13   Mothers, Birmingham   
  15   Blues Club, Gillingham  
  16   Klooks Kleek, London (Deliverry)  
  19   Marquee, London (Andwella's Dream)  
  20   Winter Gardens, Malvern  
      Supporting Deep Purple  
  10.10   1st German Blues Festival, West Germany  
  18   Watford College (Smile)  
  20   king's Hall, Romford  
  24   Marquee, London (Groundhogs)  
  26   Mothers, Birmingham (Duster Bennett)  
  31   Freakeasy, Fishmonger's Arms Wood Green  
      (Mother's Dead Faith)  
  11.21   Marquee, London (Mike Heart & The Business)  
  22   king's Hall, Romford  
  24   Civic Hall, Dunstable (Man)  
  30   Country Club, Haversteckhill (Skin Alley)  
  12. 1   Cooks Ferry Inn, Edmonton  
  3   Toby Jug, Surrey  
  7   Lyceum, London (Mott The Hoople, One, Forever More)  
  1.     "On the Boards" Release  
  1. 6      
  5. 2      
  5. 9      
  6. 5      
  6. 6      
  8. 7      
  9. 5      
  10. 8      
  1. 2   Marquee, London (Sskin Alley)  
  2. 7   Gola, Norwich  
  3. 3    
  4   Castle Club  
  7   Students Union, Bargor (Fat Mattress)  
  9   De Montford, Leicester  
      Supporting Jon Hiseman's Colosseum  
  28   Mothers, Birmongham ( Casey)  
  4. 3    
  4   Roundhouse, Village (Sour Milk Sea)  
  21   Marquee, London  
  5. 2    
  3   Greyhound, Croydon  
  11   Music Hall, Aberdeen (Begger's Opera)  
  12   Electric Gardens, Glasgow (Begger's Opera)  
  13   Caird Theatre, Dundee (Begger's Opera)  
  19   Lecester University  
      Supporting Manfred Mann Chapter III  
  28   Mothers, Birmingham  
  29   Civic Hall, Wolverhampton  
  31   Lyceum, London (Toe Fat, Casey & Friends)  
  6. 5   All Night Festival, Buxton Pavilion Gardens  
      with Jon Hiseman's Collosseum, Savoy Brown, Matthews Southern Comfort,
      Atomic Rooster, Liverpool Scene, Strawbs.  
  6   Hampden Park Pop Festival  
  12   Star Hotel, Croydon (Gunhill)  
  20   Hull University (Wishbone Ash)  
  21   Fairfield Hall, Croydon  
  25   Town Hall, Highwycombe (Aquila)  
  28   Mothers, Birmingham  
  7.18   Scottish Blues & Progressive Music Festival,      (Released 1971.2.19)  
      Inverness Caledonian Football Park.  
  21   Marquee, London (Deep Joy)  
  25   Nottingham Festival  
      with Family, Mungo Jerry, Atomic Rooster, Jody Grind, Deep Joy, Anno Domino.  
  8. 2   Redcar, Coatham  
  7   National Jazz Pop Ballads & Blues Festival, Prumpton  
      with Cat Stevens, Fotheringay, Black Sabbath, Peter Green, Keef Hartley,  
      East Of Eden, Jackson Heights, Magna Carta, Hardin & York, Strawbs,  
      Granny's New Intentions, Wild Angels, Love Affair.  
  14   Lyceum, London (Turley Richards,Hard Meat)  
  16   Yorkshire Fork Blues & Jazz Festival  
      with Ginger Baker's Air Force, Mungo Jerry, Edgar Broughton, Yes, National  
      Head Band, Quintessence, Steamhammer, Mike Westbrook Concert Orchestra,  
      The Greastest Show On Earth, Jan Dunkes & Grey.  
  28   Isle Of Wight Festival
      with Family, Chicago, Procol Harum, Voices Of East Harlem, Melanie,  
      Arrival, Lighthouse, Fairfield Parlour.  
  9. 6    
  11        (Released 1972.6)  
  10. 1    
  2.19   "Live Taste" (at Montreux 1970.6) Release  
  5. 7   "Rory Gallagher" Release  
  5. 8      
  6.22   Flamingo, Bollymena  
  7.15   Town Hall, Watford  
  7.17   Memorial Hall, Barry  
  7.20   Marquee, London  
  7.24   Roundhouse, Dagenham  
  7.30   Fillmore North, Newcastle  
  7.31   Crystal Garden, London with Elton John, \yes, Hookfoot, Tir Na Nog  
  8.24   Town Hall, Watford (Quiver)  
  8.29   Wheeley Festival, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex  
  9. 4   Lads Club, Norwich (Gi geer)  
  9. 5   British Rock Meeting, Speyer, Germany  (9.4-9.5, Rory Play:9.5)  
  9. 8   Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (Cochise)  
  12.26   Ulster Hall, Belfast  
  12.31   Queen s University, Belfast  
  5.     "Live in Europe" Release  
  6.     "Live at the Isle of Wight" Release  
  3.10   St. George's Hall, Liverpool  
  3.14   Marquee, London  
      with Family, Stud, Atomic Rooster, If, Gringo, Hardin & York, Begger s Opera.  
  5.11   Limerick  
  5.15   Galway  
  5.20   Corn Exchange, Cambridge (Attila)  ?  
  5.26   Great Western Exprees -- Spring Bank Holiday Festival, Bardney  
      with Alexis Korner, Dr.Ross, Buddy Miles  
  7. 1   Roundhouse, Dagenham (Bizantium)  
    Source from "RocKIN' BALLS" etc.  
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