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Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1   Autant En Emporte Le Rock 1960-2000   2CDs (Book w/2CD)    
1981 ANGE - Sans filet   EPM Le Castor Astral No 198, 10Tracks    
Various Les viox du rock   EPM Le Castor Astral No 074
74 Interviews
Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, B.B.King, Muddy Waters,  Freddie King, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Ian Gillan, . . . Etc.
    Buddy Guy            
Title Venue/Locality Media Notes   DL User  
1 1975-03-09->11 Junior Wells & Buddy Guy (Yubin-Chokin Hall) Tokyo, Japan 1CDR BUURBON RECORDS (Offical?)      
2 1986-04-14 Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan Lone Star Café New York, NY 2CDRs (Same SRV)      
3 1986-09-22 The French Quarter Room Las Vegas, Nevada   FM, 14 Tracks (Buddy Guy & Jr. Wells)    
4   Strange Brew   1CDR 9 Tracks, time:72:45, w/Eric Clapton    
1998-09-10   Atlanta, GA Tracks 1-4      
1996-05-28 (at the Shepherds Bush Empire) London Empire Tracks 5-9      
5 1993-04-09 Warner Theater Washington, DC 1CDR SBD, 9 Tracks, time:1:07:53      
6 1993-08-19   Santa Fe, NM 1CDR SBD, 9 Tracks, time:46:39      
7 1994-09-25 Filmore Auditorium San Francisco, CA 1CDR SBD, 11 Tracks, time:1:14:02      
8 2005-03-13 American Music Theater Lancaster, PA 1CDR 10 Tracks      
    Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1975-1985 Story Of A Guitar Hero   1DVDR ProShot 103min. NTSC    
  New ! Free      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1969-07-24 Boston Tea Party   1CDR , 7Tracks    
2 1970-07-10 Municipal Auditorium Aachen, Germany 1CDR Aud, 10Tracks, from Master reel to reel    
3 1970-08-29 Isle of Wight 1970 Isle of Wight 1CDR SB, 11Tracks    
4 1970-11-29 Vienna,Austria Vienna,Austria 1CDR Aud.Tape(1st copy)  9Tracks    
5 1970-12-12 Live in Stockholm 1970 Stockholm 1CDR Aud.Tape(1st copy)  9Tracks    
6 1970-12-12(7?) Konserthaus, Stockholm Stockholm 1CDR FM  13Tracks    
7 1971-01-19 Liverpool 1971   1CDR , 15Tracks, Heart Breakers    
8 1971-01-22 "Rock Me Stealer" Santa Monica, CA, US 1CDR SB, 16Tracks    
9 1971-04-30 Kyoritsu Kodo, Kanda Kanda, Japan 1CDR Aud, 8Tracks    
10 1972-02-20 STOKE 1972 Victoria Hall, UK 2CDRs Aud, 11Tracks, Time 62:09, From Master Tape
Heart Breakers HB-929-1/2
11   Live and Rehearsals in Far East Japan 1CDR Gypsy Eye 081    
1972 Studio Rehearsal In Tokyo 72 6Tracks    
1972-07-22 live at Korakuen Stadium 5Tracks, (bonus track is removed)    
12 1972-10-14 Bracknell Sports Center- PA Mix   1CDR Aud, 11Tracks, Time 62:09, From Master Tape    
13 1972-12-10 Free Or Dead
Coatham Bowl Redcar 1CDR SB?, 11Tracks
(GYPSY EYE 080 ?)
14 1973-??-?? Free or Dead Coatham Bowl 1CDR ウエオナじ?    
15 1973-??-??
(Bracknell Sports Center- PA Mix)
  1CDR SB,  11Tracks, 59min, Rating:A     
16 1973-01-25 Live at Winterland, SF, CA San Francisco, US 1CDR SB, 9Tracks    
  New ! Free  (DVD)      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1970-1972 SONGS OF YESTERDAY '70-'72   1DVDR 97 min. NTSC    
1970-??-?? Granada TV Studio Live 1970   4Tracks    
1972-07-22 Live At Korakuen Stadium, Japan Japan 5 Tracks, Japanese TV    
Various Proviusly Released Official Video Isle Of Wight/Promo etc. 10Tracks    
2 1970-1991 SCRAP BOOK 1970-1991 Various 1DVDR 26 Tracks, 85 min. NTSC    
3 Various THE FREE STORY   1DVDR 145 min. NTSC    
2004 Inside Free 2004   7Tracks    
1992 Great Late Paul 1992   9Tracks    
1976 BBC:David And Paul 1976   5Tracks    
    Jaco Pastorius      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1979-06-23 Newport Jazz Festival
Jaco Pastorius solo & with Pat Metheny
Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City, USA 1CDR Aud, 7Tracks, Total time: 41:33    
2   Two 1979 Joni Mitchell Shows   3CDRs Now Getting!    
  1979-08-03 Joni MItchell and The Persuasions Oklahoma City
Zoo Amphitheater
  1979-05-27 Berkeley Jazz Festival Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA  8Tracks    
    with Jaco Pastorius, Don Alias, Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams      
3 1983-07-01 "EURO JAZZ FESTIVAL 83"  Knittelfeld, Styria, Austria 1CDR (w/Stern, Tooley, Foster, Brown, Dennard, Alias),
FM, A+, 8Tracks (Total Time 63:04) 
4 1983-07-01 aco Pastorius/Mike Stern Band
Spielberg, AUSTRIA, Austria Ring (Festival Pavillion) 
 Knittelfeld, Styria, Austria 1CDR (w/Stern, Tooley, Foster, Brown, Dennard, Alias),
SBD, A+, 14Tracks (Total Time 67:00) , from DAT MASTER
    Janis Joplin (& The Kozmic Blues Band / & The Full Tilt Boogie Band)    
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1967-??-?? Matrix San Francisco 2CDRs 3Show    
2 1969-02-12 Fillmore East New York 1CDR SB, Tracks    
3 1969-04-01 Summertime Amsterdam 1CDR SB, 8Tracks, Moonraker 101, JJ&KBB    
4 1969-08-30 Texas Int. Pop Festival Dallas, TX 1CDR SB, 7Tracks, Excellent    
5 1970-07-05 ATLANTA POP FESTIVAL BYRON,GA. 1CDR Aud.  9Tracks    
6 1970-07-06 "GET IT WHILE YOU CAN" Honolulu, Hawaii 1CDR LP, 11Tracks,  JJ&FTBB    
7 1970-08-08 Capiol Theatre Port Chester, NY 1CDR Aud. 12Tracks, JJ&FTBB    
    Jeff Beck      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1973-05-18 & 19 Live At Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka Osaka, Japan 2CDRs cd1=6,cd2=7Tracks, time 1:27:49    
2 1976-??-?? PLAY WITH ME Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City 1CD ELEMENT of CRIME, 9Tracks, w/Jan Hammer Gr.    
3   Complete Forum Nights Japan 6CDs SCARECROW 075-080    
1999-05-31   cd1=11,cd2=9Tracks    
1999-06-02   cd3=10,cd4=9Tracks    
1999-06-03   cd5=11,cd6=10Tracks    
    Johnny Winter      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1970-06-27 Bath Festival Bath, U.K. 1CDR 12Tracks, time1:13:11, vg++    
2 1975-06-07 School's Out Jam, City Park Stadium New Orleans, LA 1CDR Aud, 6Tracks, time0:49:48    
3 1975-09-?? Dervish Blues San Bernardino, CA. 1CDR FM, 6Tracks, time45:49, Excellent    
4 1978-11-15 Texas Opry House Houston, TX 1CDR FM, 7Tracks, time 1:10:53    
5 1979-04-21 Rockpalast IV Essen, Germany 2CDRs FM, cd1=8,cd2=6Tracks    
6 1980-07-27 Live' as The Dr Pepper Central Park Festival New York, NY 2CDRs FM, cd1=7,cd2=6Tracks, time45:06, 44:38    
7 1986-03-03 Hunt's Tavern Burlington, VT 1CDR SB, 7Tracks    
8 1987-02-12 Muziekcentrum Utrecht,Nl 1CDR 14Tracks, time 1:38:12    
9 1987-03-18 National Arts Centre, Ottawa Ontario, Canada 1CDR 11Tracks, time 1:14:29, vg+/aud    
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1970-03-13 or 14 CAPITOL THEATER PORT CHESTER, NYC 1CDR Aud.    
2 1971-06-28 True Closing Of The Fillmore Fillmore East, New York 1CDR SB, 6Tracks, time    
3 1971-06-28 Closing Of The Fillmore East Fillmore East, New York 1CD SB?, 8Tracks+1Bonus Track, time    
4 1971-12-20 Blood Of The Sun San Bernadino,CA 1CD 7Tracks, time 1:20:52, Haight Street Records    
5 1973-08-25 "Twin Head" (Live at Budokan) Tokyo, Japan 1CD 10Tracks, time 1:18:55, PRIVATE MASTERS PM-013    
    Randy Rhoads      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1981-06-04 Axeman Indiana, USA 1CDR 11Tracks    
    Robin Trower      
Title Venue/Location Media Notes   DL User  
1 1974-11-02 Richard's, Atlanta Richard's, Atlanta 1CDR FM, 13Tracks, time1:10:53    
1987-03-07 Masonic Auditorium Detroit Filler:Tracks 11-13    
2 1987-03-07 Masonic Auditorium Detroit Michigan 2CDRs FM, cd1=6,cd2=5Tracks, time1:20:52    
3 1973-08-06 Ebbets Field, Denver, CO Ebbets Field, Denver, CO 1CDR FM, 7Tracks, time0:34:36    
4 1973-08-06 Ebbets Field, Denver, CO Ebbets Field, Denver, CO 1CDR FM, 10Tracks, time0:47:58, Excellent (Complete)    
5 1974-11-24 Fifth Flooor Studios, Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, US 1CDR FM,  9Tracks    
6 1975-01-29 Too Rolling Stoned London 1CDR FM/sbd,  10Tracks, Oh Boy 1-9088    
7 1973-08-11 Guitar Bandit Sausalito, CA 1CDR 9Tracks    
8 1977-01-28 Robin Trower STAGE Shibuya-Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan (Nakano Sunplaza?) 1CD 13Tracks, Private Masters PM033    
9 1988-01-27 San Raphael  27 January 1988 New George's, CA 1CDR 12Tracks, KRQR Weekend Wednesday Broadcast    
10 1988-??-?? Gateway To The Blues St. Louis Mo. 1CDR FM, 14Tracks?    
11 2005-05-06 Metropolis, Munchen   3CDR cd1=12,cd2=4Tracks, cd3=Pictures of the show time1:20:52